[NEWS] 120511 YG Surprisingly Unveils the 5th Member of Upcoming Girlgroup!


The fifth member of YG’s new girlgroup has been revealed.

On the 11th, YG Entertainment posted a video on their official blog, YG-Life. The girl showed off her amazing dancing skills on the video which is 1 minute 37 seconds long. On the last part of the video, the picture of the girl was posted together with an unknown name and nationality, but her age was revealed (16).

This particular girl is confirmed to be the 5th member of YG’s upcoming girlgroup, and her parents are Korean.

4 days earlier, YG also posted “Who’s that girl?” on their blog with a photo of an attractive girl. And this girl was announced to be born in the year 1995.

Last month also, YG posted a photo of a girl with a mysterious atmosphere. But the first mystery girl, Kim Jenny was born in the year 1996. While Kim Eunbi who has been the oldest among all of them (born in 1993) was specuated to be in-charge of the team.

Another member is Yuna Kim who was born in 1994 and made a stylish appearance on ‘Superstar K3’ which was aired last year.

Meanwhile, YG did not specify the exact number of members and the time of the debut but they are guessed to debut by September.

Source: Nate
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

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