[NEWS] 120513 YG Upcoming Girl Group 5th Member’s Dancing Skills Comparable to Gong Minzy’s?


5th Member of YG’s Upcoming Girlgroup – Outstanding Dancing Skills Comparable to 2NE1’s Gong Minzy’s?

YG Entertainment has unveiled the 5th member of the new girlgroup they’re preparing.

On the 11th, YG posted a video through their official blog with another “Who’s that girl” tease,and the girl was dancing to an upbeat music.

The girl was spotted wearing baggy shirt and fitting shorts, and is preoccupied by dancing. She showed off her spectacular dancing skills including intense poppin, and wave.

YG agency officials revealed a statement regarding this mysterious girl with exceptional dancing skills, “This girl has eccentric dancing abilities. Though it’s difficult to compare her skills to our female artists with outstanding dancing skills too like Gong Minzy, i think her skills are comparable enough.”

They also added, “A few details about the debut, overall concept and plans to unveil in the future. The whole process regarding the debut is secretly in progress as of now.

Prior to this, YG already introduced the four other members for this group, which includes Kim Eunbi, Yuna Kim, and two other mystery girls.

Source: Nate
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

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