[NEWS] 120514 Appearance is the Major Criteria for YG’s New Girlgroup?


Head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk gradually reveals the realities behind the girl group they are currently gearing.

The company’s official blog has been a great weapon to reveal the confirmed members for their upcoming girl group. Up until now, there are already 5 members revealed, yet the identities of the two “mystery girls” aren’t disclosed. Earlier, it has been announced to the public that the girls who appeared on MNET’s “Superstar K”, Euna Kim and Kim Eunbi will be a part of this team.

As YG teased fans with his sole technique, fans show greater interest unto them. The appearance of the members of this group evokes the topic that they are likely to become 2NE1 who appeared in the music industry just like an “Eye of the Storm”.

◇Keyword 1 – Number of 9?
The first keyword for YG’s new representative girl girl group is “Number of 9″. According to YG officials, the cast of this girl group has been completed, and it will have up to 7 members. But they added, Yang Hyun Suk has the thought to make this group a nine-member team.

An official from YG Entertainment revealed that”Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed that this group will have seven members. He just created a synthetic situation that this group will have 9 members. But, there’s a possibility that this team will have 9 members.” The officials also explained that this group is estimated to debut by September.

On the girl group market, “9” is a meaningful number. For several years now, girl groups with 9 members dominates the music industry and gain much popularity and attention from the public, and a great example is SM Entertainment’s girl group, Girls Generation. Creating new girl groups with a similar number like Girl s Generation is not an easy task, especially you have to combine good looks with talent.

It has also been specified that they will hold their debut on September. Typically for the music scene, prior to the end of promotions, it’s the time when rookies attract the most attention. It has been a belief that if they start promoting in spring or summer, there will be a fresh appeal, but if they start doing activities by winter, the time is too short and they won’t be able to meet people’s expectation.

Another representative from YG Entertainment said, “We are considering the fact that we can give the strongest impression for YG’s new girl group if they will get started by autumn season, so we picked the month of September.

◇Keyword 2 – Appearance first?
Meanwhile, officials often say “YG doesn’t look at the appearance”. Bigbang and 2NE1 grew with stereotyped personality and the members has outstanding abilities, which made them stand out on the music industry. However, the officials said that the outside appearance has also been the major criteria for this group. An official explicated, “As for Bigbang and 2NE1, we considered people’s selection, and not the looks. But this time, it’s the other way around. We consider the appearance of the members first.” They also added “We will not make this group the same style as 2NE1, cuz’ it’s no fun. We would like to see for once that this group is competing with existing beautiful girl groups.”

◇Keyword 3 – Own Color, Skills
They have explained that they considered the outside appearance first for this girl group, but there’s no way that skills won’t be emphasized. Recently, a dance video of the 5th member of YG’s new girl group was exposed to the public. Her professional way of dancing aroused fascination. It has also been said that the other members are a combination of both singing and dancing skills.

Another official from YG finalized “We picked out beautiful girls because it’s the trend, but there’s no way that their abilities are lacking.”

Source: Nate
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

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