[NEWS] 120611 ‘Full-Scale Effect’ Teaser Law for Rookie Idol Groups


2012 is a cruel year for rookie idol groups. The reason being is that top-notch idol groups like Big Bang, 2AM, SHINee, ShinHwa, CNBlue and Miss A, who made a comeback all at the same time in spring, will also start with numerous activities this summer in order to reach out to the fans.

2NE1, f(x), Beast, and Infinite, who has already started with their promotions, will be focusing on their activities in mid-summer. As rookie idol groups, the chance of making a big break is small. This is one of the reasons why rookie idol groups have a rare chance to stand out from the rest this year.

Because of this, the agencies have started going all-out in introducing rookie idol groups even before their official debut because it will be difficult for a group if the agencies won’t let even their names be known. Hence, the agencies pay special attention to teasers. Before debut, groups are gaining more interest for their photos and teasers containing information about the group.

YG Entertainment makes good use of teasers for their so-called ‘YG Girl Group’ who will be debuting soon. They became a sensation as YG’s head, Yang Hyun Suk, released photos and videos of the members one by one with the phrase ‘Who’s That Girl”.

The teasers created a huge impact as they were released just in time with Big Bang’s comeback and Yang Hyun Suk’s guest appearances. The members dominate the real time searches each time a teaser is released. They revealed a practice video of Kim Eunbi and Yuna Kim whose faces have already been known as they both have appeared in the show “Superstar K”. As for the other new members, releasing a photo highlighting their looks or a dance video showing their distinct features worked out pretty well. They showed each member’s personality without revealing any detailed information about them.

Before they even get to stand onstage, rookie idol groups are putting instense effort on the teasers in order for them to be remembered by the public. As of late, this summer will be the start of the most intense competition in the music industry. Will these rookie idol groups be able to survive? It will be interesting to predict whether these rookie idol groups will still be as sensational as when their teasers were revealed after making a debut. Get to know these promising idol groups from their teasers.

– some irrelevant parts omitted-

Source: Yahoo! Korea
Translated by:
meloncreme @ YGDreamers

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