[NEWS] 120804 Possible Information Revealed Regarding YG’s New Girl Group

120804 ygngg

Music fans have been patiently waiting months for some information to be released on YG Entertainment’s newest girl group. During that time, minimal knowledge and a few practice videos were made public which caused many to speculate about the new group.

A recent post made to an online community site created quite a buzz online. The post displayed a supposed teaser image revealing information on the group. The teaser images were, allegedly, posted by accident. According to the image the group’s name will be TLC-F. Hypothetically, the group’s name pays tribute to girl groups of the past as, the TLC comes from the American female hip-hop group from the 90’s and the F for classic K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L. A statement from an unknown poster further explained, “TLC-F will be a combination of a hip-hop and a feminine style group. The first teaser will be released on September 2 followed by a second on September 10. The album along with the debut track’s MV will be released on September 25.”

120804 ygngg2 tlc-f

The image also reveals the group’s album title to be “250% Percent.” The album’s title track is said to be “Game 2 Play,” which is rumored to feature Big Bang’s Daesung in the music video. According to YG Entertainment’s Wikipedia page, they will make their debut after SuPearls, the agency’s other rookie girl group, and Epik High‘s highly anticipated comeback.

120804 ygngg3 250percent

Another post revealed what appeared to be two album covers (a regular and limited edition version) along with a track-list for the debut album. The tentative track-list shows YG’s hit-maker Teddy to be responsible for the music.

120804 ygngg4 album

Currently, nothing has been confirmed by YG Entertainment. Though this wouldn’t be the first time the company has used unconventional methods to promote their acts. What are your thoughts on the information? Is this the work of anxious fans? Are you excited or skeptical?

120804 ygngg5

Source: Soompi

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