[NEWS] 120830 YG Finally Took off Kim Jennie’s Veil – Outstanding Beauty and Impressive Rapping Skills

120830 jennie kim

Prior to the debut of YG Entertainment’s rookie girlgroup, member Kim Jennie’s veil has been finally taken off.

On the 30th through YG-life blog, Kim Jennie’s video has been released surprisingly. The video was about a minute long and the said member was introduced and described as “YG Trainee, 16 years of age, skillful in speaking Korean, English and Japanese.”

On the video introduction, Kim Jennie’s colorful profile picture has been unfolded. She was smiling brightly which entirely showed off her cute personality.

In addition to this, Jennie sang B.O.B’s “Strange Clouds” stylishly yet very powerful. She has showed off quite unusual skills, most especially her strong sense of rhythm.

It is very much unusual of YG to release a video of their trainees like this. Yang Hyun Suk is well-known for his pursuit of perfection and being very careful of releasing videos and photos to the public before the debut period of their trainees. An extension to this, the members’ profiles up until now are still not revealed.

But as Kim Jennie’s debut is about to come,it seems like YG’s way of thinking has changed. As a known member of YG’s new girlgroup, she has been given the spot to be the female lead character on Bigbang’s G-Dragon’s newest music video.

Regarding Kim Jennie, YG representatives said “Among the trainees on the agency, we have heard a lot saying her beauty resembles Jun Ji Hyun’s and SNSD’s Sooyoung’s.” In connection to this, YG officials said “The girlgroup will officially debut on October”, but they still remained quiet regrading the final number of members and such.

Source: EDaily
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

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