[NEWS] 130121 Kim Jennie Flaunts Her Awesome Rapping Skills

On the afternoon of January 21st, YG Entertainment posted a new video titled “Jennie Kim – YG New Artist”. In the video which is a minute long, Kim Jennie showcased her amazing rapping skills.
Last year, Jennie Kim who appeared with a stylish two-tone hairstyle has showed off her intense, fluent English rapping skills already through YG Entertainment’s official blog.
Kim Jennie emitted innocent yet perfect beauty on the video. Also, her sensual gestures while rapping has brought out the best in her.
Kim Jennie is an 18 years old talented girl, who speaks three languages, Korean, English and Japanese. Representatives of YG Entertainment has chosen her during the auditions because they were attacted by her outstanding singing and dancing skills. She’s undergoing a process of training in YGE for several years now.
Kim Jennie has caught the attention of netizens last year as appeared on one of G-Dragon’s music video “That XX”
Source: Nate News
Translated by: Cathy @ YGDreamers


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