[NEWS] 130125 YG Entertainment to Reveal 3rd Confirmed Member of New Girl Group Soon


YG Entertainment will officially release the 3rd confirmed member of their agency’s new girlgroup soon.

Recently, a representative of one of the biggest agencies in Korea, YG Entertainment has revealed a statement regarding the next release of the 3rd member of the girlgroup they are gearing up right now through Star News, “Last 24th of January, we were already able to take a photo for the 3rd member’s profile. Her photo will be released through YG blog anytime soon.”

They also added, “She will be the third confirmed member after the other two girls, Kim Jisoo and Kim Jennie who were introduced to the public already before. They will showcase variety of skills so please look forward for them and support.”

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Source: Nate
Translated by: Cathy @ YGDreamers