[MISC] Minzy talks about her juniors on Marie Claire


Q: With Lee Hayi having passed <KPOPSTAR> and joining YG, there has been a increasingly large amount of juniors within the company, hasn’t there?

A: I thought to myself that I am finally no longer the “maknae” (of the company). (Laughs) There are even a lot of new trainee juniors as well. Honestly, it’s pretty difficult to see or run into them (trainees) that often since our recording studio and dance studios are on different floors. But whenever I get the chance to meet them I want to give them as much advice possible as I can give and care for them in my best of my ability. Even now it’s still the same, but when we (2NE1) were trainees, the only female senior we had in our company was Gummy unni. Our members and I had to stick together all the time. That’s why we want to be there for our juniors who dream of debuting. Because I am now an “unni” to them as well.

Translated by: Stacey@EROMAKNAE (@big_seunghyun)

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