[FANACCOUNT] An encounter with Jennie Kim and Kim Jisoo


A fan’s encounter with Kim Jisoo & Jennie Kim

I went to YG building today.. It was so cold ㅠㅠ And then a girl came out.. could it be Jisoo? Anyways, yes it’s Jisoo. I asked her “how many members are there in your group?” and she hesitated at first but said “There are 7.” She was so pretty ㅠㅠ

After that i waited some more then Jennie Kim came out next. I went to her & greeted her. I asked her “What is it that you like to eat/want to eat?” then she said “Anything” hahaha!

-Some parts omitted-

Source: @JennieKim_YGFAM
Translated by: Cathy@YGDreamers

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