[YG-LIFE] 130703 2NE1 first to kick off the start line of making a comeback… followed by scores of YG artists


And in October, the much-anticipated new girl group of YG will be unveiled. Each member of the group will be debuting as a solo. Consisting of 6 members whose average age is 17, the group will be debuting as a solo, and then will come together to form a group.

The founder of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN-SUK, said, “The project initially started off with a plan of 10 or more members in the group, but throughout the years there has been a fierce competition among tens of tryout singers and now remain 6 members. Unfortunately Yuna Kim, who was discovered on Superstar K, had to be excluded from the team for personal reasons. However, Eunbi Kim, a contestant from the same program, remains as one of the 6 members.”

KIM JISOO and JENNIE KIM are few of the revealed members of the group. Last year YG revealed photographs of the two – KIM JISOO, who has a mysterious aura with a beautiful look, and JENNIE KIM, who looked like a pretty doll with stunning rapping skills. The fans are already looking forward to seeing the new group. Music lovers are especially excited to see JENNIE KIM, as she appeared as the main character in G-DRAGON’s music video. Another member, who is half Korean, is said to be an amazing dancer.

*content not related to the new girl group is omitted* 

Source: YG-Life

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