[YG-LIFE] 130812 Seungri’s Self-Written, Composed & Produced Solo Album Unveiled

130812 lets-talk-about-love-teaser_2

SEUNGRI from the male idol group BIGBANG unveils his 2nd solo mini album, which he self-wrote, composed and of course produced.

YG Entertainment, the agency to which SEUNGRI belongs, revealed the track list and the teaser image of SEUNGRI’s 2nd solo mini album in 2 years titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ on its official blog in the morning of August 12.

The uploaded photograph features SEUNGRI in a striped suit. His matured look drew much attention from the fans.

Like he did in 2011 with his first solo album, he was in charge of writing and composing of every song included in the album.

‘GOTTA TALK TO U’, the title song of the album, is fast paced but lyrical House music. Director HAN SAN MIN who was in charge of BIGBANG’s ‘BLUE’, ‘BAD BOY’ and ‘MONSTER’ music videos is once again in charge of SEUNGRI’s latest music video.

Apart from the title song, other songs with unusual titles like ‘GG BE’, ‘YOU HOOOO’, and ‘COME TO MY’ are building much expectation. ‘GG BE’ especially is gaining much attention as YG’s new girl group member JENNIE KIM featured in the song.

SEUNGRI’s new album will be revealed online first on August 19, and then it will go on sale both on and offline across South Korea on August 21.

Source: YG-Life

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