[NEWS/INFO] 130814 Seungri Talks about “GG BE” and Jennie Kim


Big Bang’s Seungri is here to introduce another song from his upcoming solo album!

In addition to releasing another teaser photo for the release of his upcoming solo mini album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, he explains where his inspiration came from for the upcoming song “GG BE”, featuring YGE’s new girl group member Jennie Kim, through his latest Facebook post. He wrote,

I’m introducing you to the third track on second mini album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, ‘GG BE’. This track has been worked on together with composer Choi Pil Kang, who was my first mini album producer. I was so happy to work with him again as we are friends. To be upfront, this song is my story. There are many songs about bad girls coming out these days like Bumkey’s ‘Bad Girl’ and CL’s ‘The Baddest Female’. I wonder if this means that there really has been an increase in the amount of bad girls in this world. It’s not only the case that girls are tricked and fooled by guys, for nowadays, guys are also tricked and fooled by girls. The girl I used to see lied every time she opened her mouth, and it was a great shock to me as I got to know her lies. That made us grow tired and act coldly to one another. Since I knew well that she was just waiting for me to say we should break up, I got even more angry and felt pathetic. I put the pain and anger I received from her into this song. The beginning portion of the song starts off with a piano sound that gives you the feeling of being in despair and filled with anger. However, I also needed a part that opposes the one-sided attack from the man in this song, so I requested Jennie Kim, YG’s secret rookie girl group member, to create a charismatic bridge portion. I also want to express my gratitude to Jennie. And lastly, I want to say a few words to that girl. You’ll get back as much as you’ve done. Listen to this song and get your act together.”

Sounds like a must-listen song is coming up, so stay tuned for Seungri’s new solo release on the 19th!

Source: Allkpop

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