[YG-LIFE] 130908 All eyes on Jennie Kim, the extra power behind GD’s comeback stage

G-DRAGON (his real name Kwon Jiyong) who leads a group called BIGBANG consisting other members T.O.P., DAESUNG, SEUNGRI and TAEYANG, made a sensational comeback through SBS’s Inkiagyo. He attracted much attention by appearing with a trainee from YG Entertainment, the agency to which he belongs. The case in point is Jennie Kim.

On Sept 8 at 3:30 p.m., G-DRAGON showcased his comeback of the 2nd regular album on SBS’s music ranking program ‘Inkigayo’. He performed three of his songs from the album including ‘Black’, ‘Go’ and ‘Niliria.’

When YG’s trainee Jennie Kim appeared on stage to feature in ‘Black’, it aroused much hype amongst the crowd.

While G-DRAGON showed off his sentimental rapping skills through ‘Black’, the unexpectedly appeared Jennie Kim joined him with a charming voice along the lyrical melody.

Jennie Kim is one of the members of YG’s ambitious girl group, who is fully devoting her energy into making an official debut as a singer.

Apart from featuring in G-DRAGON’s newly released song, she was also an actor in his ‘That XX’ music video last year. Her sporadic appearance is heightening fans’ expectations for her debut.

G-DRAGON released a total of 12 songs from his 2nd regular album ‘COUP D’ETAT’, dividing them into two parts on Sept 2 and 5. He proved his popularity by topping major music charts in and outside of Korea.

He will be officially releasing his album offline on Sept 13, which holds different versions of ‘Window’ and ‘Black.’

Source: YG-Life

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