[YG-LIFE] 141016 YG’s 1st Girl Group in 5 Years: Debut nearing… November?

150512 ygngg summer 2015 comeback

YG, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment agencies, is gearing up to debut its very first girl group in 5 years since 2NE1.

Personnel from the music industry told Star News on Oct 16, “YG’s new girl group is in the middle of recording their title track and the rest of the album,” and added, “They have been preparing for long and now the album is nearing completion.”

This news that spread in the music industry about YG’s new girl group all the more proves that their debut is actually approaching.

It turns out, after research by Star News, that it is most likely the new girl group will debut in November. There are a lot of tracks that they already have, so no one knows whether it will be a single or an album. Considering the time they had to prepare the debut album, it is most likely that they will make a debut in the month of November. It is said that YG, even if it does not happen in November, will make it happen before the year ends.

All eyes are on the new girl group since this is the first YG is showcasing in 5 years since 2NE1 in 2009.

The fixed members of the group are KIM JISOO (born 1995), a beautiful and talented dancer, and JENNIE KIM (born 1996), who starred in G-DRAGON’s music video of “That XX.” JENNIE KIM made a surprise appearance on SBS’s Inkigayo with GD last year, featuring as the vocalist of “BLACK.”

As YG is keeping any information on the girl group their top secret, curiosity for them is growing.

Source: YG-Life

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