[NEWS] 141020 Member of YG’s New Girl Group Will Be the Lead for Epik High’s New Music Video


Kim Ji Soo, who has been confirmed as a member of YG Entertainment’s new girl group, has been reported to be the lead for Epik High’s new music video.

According to a representative of the music video industry on October 20, Kim Ji Soo has already participated in the filming for the music video of Epik High’s eighth album title song, “Spoiler.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Soo’s picture was uploaded onto YG’s official blog, “YG Life,” early last year. This would be the first time she will be exposed to the public in video form. At the time of the release of her picture, Kim Ji Soo garnered much attention for her beautiful appearance with an innocent aura, despite the fact that she was born in 1995. Kim Ji Soo has been revealed to have been a trainee at YG for quite some time now, polishing her vocals as well as her dance skills. Her lack of exposure to the public is one of the reasons why her lead role in Epik High’s title music video is a very big deal.

Epik High and YG have produced many different kinds of music videos, putting out new ideas with each new release. Epik High has already released a music video for another one of their songs in their eighth album, “Born Hater.” The music video for “Spoiler” will be released around the same time as the song’s online release at midnight of October 21.

In other news, the new YG girl group is at the brink of its debut. A representative of the Korean music industry recently revealed to Star News, “YG’s new girl group is currently very busy with recording their debut song as well as the rest of the songs on their album. They have been preparing for a very long time for this debut, and finally they are at the last stages.”

According to the coverage done by Star News of YG’s new girl group, it is very likely that the group will make their debut in November. According to YG Entertainment, even if November passes, their goal is to debut the group within this year at the latest.

The new girl group will be YG’s first girl group in five years since the debut of 2NE1. Jennie Kim, who has starred in G-Dragon’s “That XX” music video, has also been confirmed. On the other hand, member Kim Eun Bi has been confirmed to withdraw from this group due to health reasons.

Who’s excited for this new group? (and Epik High’s new album?)

Source: Soompi

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