[YG-LIFE] 141020 KIM JI SOO of YG’s New Girl Group Plays Title Role in MV of EPIK HIGH’s Title Track


KIM JI SOO, an YG trainee who has been confirmed to be the member of YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new girl group, is drawing a big attention, as she is known to have played the title role in the music video of the title track of EPIK HIGH (TABLO, MITHRA JIN and TUKUTZ)’s new full-length album.

According to music video insiders on the 20 in the morning, KIM JI SOO stood before cameras recently, to shoot the music video of “SPOILER”, one of the double title tracks of EPIK HIGH’s 8th full-length album. One insider said, “KIM JI SOO plays the title role in the music video of ‘SPOILER’”.

KIM JI SOO’s photo was once unveiled on YG LIFE, YG’s official blog, in early this year. However, the music video is her first time to stand in front of music fans in an official video.

KIM JI SOO was born in 1995. When her photo was unveiled recently, her pure appeal and beautiful look drew much attention. Plus, KIM is known as an outstanding dancer, being trained at YG for a long time.

That is why her appearance in the music video of EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER” is drawing all the more attention.

EPIK HIGH and the team’s label YG have given birth to a wide variety of different artistic forms so far, such as vertically-shoot version of “BORN HATER”, a song included in EPIK HIGH’s 8th full-length album unveiled on the 18, to follow the trend of this smart phone age. So music fans’ interest in what kind of fresh appeal KIM will show in the music video of “SPOILER” is growing bigger.

The music video of “SPOILER”, in which KIM JI SOO plays the title role, will be unveiled on the 21 by 0am, when EPIK HIGH’s 8th full-length album is released on-line.

Meanwhile, YG’s new girl group to which KIM JI SOO belongs is soon to make debut. Recently, a music industry insider said to Star News, “YG’s new girl group is now recording their debut song and album. They have long prepared for their debut and now are going through the last stages”.

According to StarNews’s information, YG’s new girl group has high chance of making debut in November if there is no big change, considering their preparations so far. YG has reached an internal agreement that they make the new girl group make debut within this year, even if it pasts November.

YG’s new girl group to make debut for the first time in five years after 2NE1 includes KIM JI SOO and KIM JENNY, who was born in 1996 and played the title role in the music video of BIGBANG G-DRAGON’s “That XX”.

Source: YG-Life

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