[YG-LIFE] 141021 YG’s New Girl Group Member KIM JISOO Appears in EPIK HIGH’s Music Video… Outstanding Visual


KIM JISOO, member of YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new girl group, appeared in the music video of group EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER” and “HAPPEN ENDING”.

The music video of “SPOILER + HAPPEN ENDING”, title tracks of EPIK HIGH’s 8th full-length album, was released on on-line music-streaming websites on the 21 at 0am. KIM JISOO appearing in the music video is catching the eyes with her pure and cute look.

“SPOILER” expresses moments when lovers feel that they do not love each other any longer and “HAPPEN ENDING” is a song for those who experience frequent breakups.

The two songs’ lyrics that can be compared to a film sound impressive and its music video talks about lovers’ breakup, like a movie.

In the music video, KIM JISOO looks like a beautiful woman in love, shedding tears in sorrow after having a sense of breakup.

KIM JISOO is drawing attention for her look that shows a variety of appeals. She was born in 1995 and has been developing her talent as an YG trainee for a long time.

Meanwhile, EPIK HIGH’s “SHOEBOX” is drawing a big popularity, taking No.1s on total eight real-time charts including that of Korea’s biggest music-streaming website Melon, upon its release.

Source: YG-Life

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