[YG-LIFE] 141226 3 Reasons Why Hopes Are High For YG in 2015

141226 ygngg ikon

Super rookies, iKON & YG’s new girl group, soon to hit the music scene

The long-awaited debut of iKON and YG’s new girl group is happening in 2015.

Although the final date has not been decided yet, YG is planning to debut another girl group, and it is highly likely that their debut will be next year. KIM JI SOO and KIM JENNY, two of the finalized members of the new girl group, have already become an issue due to their outstanding beauty. KIM JI SOO, in particular, has been featured in the music video of EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER”. Her pure and innocent appearance and excellent acting skills have sparked attention.

-some parts unrelated to ygngg omitted-

Source: YG-Life

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