[YG-LIFE] 160518 7 Years Have Passed Since 2NE1’s Debut and YG’s New Girl Group is Ready

Another YG girl group is about to be born. YG Entertainment is launching a girl group in seven years since 2NE1, signaling the start of a double YG girl group.

On May 18, OSEN found out that YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK is all set to launch a new girl group. He has met top music video directors to discuss shooting music videos for a new girl group.

Seven Years have passed since YG produced a new girl group, which was in 2009 when 2NE1 debuted. 2NE1 celebrated the 7th anniversary of their debut on May 17 on TV shows and social media outlets. With the debut of a new girl group, YG will have two girl groups who are like “sisters”.

Until now, YG has produced several successful boy groups, starting with BIGBANG and then WINNER and iKON. BIGBANG has become a global top star, and WINNER and iKON have built strong fan bases in and out of the Korea.

160518 ygngg

YG have not produced a girl group since 2NE1, so it is expected that all the good trainees of YG will debut as members of this new girl group. Since YANG HYUN SUK puts a strong emphasis on skills and talent, the new girl group is sure to be just as talented and unique as 2NE1.

YANG HYUN SUK has been talking about a new girl group since 2013. He once said, “Dozens of trainees had to compete for several years to be chosen as members for this new group. I’m sure they will also do well abroad.” Since YANG HYUN SUK has an eye for great talent, the new girl group will be just as good as seasoned musicians.

MINZY dropped out of 2NE1 this year and the group suffered a fallback. Nevertheless, 2NE1 is well on its way for their comeback this summer. It will be interesting to see whether the newly launched YG girl group will join the ranks of their successful lablemates such as iKON, WINNER, LEE HI, and AKMU in producing hit songs this year.

Source: YG-Life

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