[YG-LIFE] 160518 YG officially announced “The new YG girl group will debut in July”

160518 ygngg

Regarding the debut of YG’s new girl group hinted by music video insiders, YG officially announced, “The new girl group will be launched in July”.

On May 18, a high-ranking official of YG answered “The department (in charge) has just confirmed that from YANG HYUN SUK. I heard that the preparation for the new girl group’s debut is in the final stage now and the team will make debut in July”, to OSEN’s question about whether YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK is actually planning for the new girl group’s music video.

The official also said, “Actually, the members were picked a long time ago. I guess the fact that YANG is looking for the director of the new team’s music video indicates that their debut song has long been picked and been recorded already. However, YANG has not made it clear about whether the group will make debut in July or not”.

There have recently been some hints about YANG’s meeting with top-notch music video directors in Korea. People had speculated that YANG’s meeting with the directors was not for iKON or WINNER but for the new girl group of YG. Such speculation was confirmed to be true, on May 18.

As YG has presented unique and special musicians and groups since its launching, music fans are paying keen attention to the new YG girl group to be newly launched. In an interview with OSEN last year, YANG drew keen attention by making a surprise remark, “The new girl group of YG for which I’m preparing for now will be a team of pretty girls, unlike everyone expects”. Such remark surprised everyone, as YANG has always highlighted talent over good looks and fresh idea over stereotypes.

However, as YANG created a fresh sensation with unique and talented musician 2NE1 seven years ago when Barbie doll-like girl groups were sweeping the music scene, music fans expect that the new girl group of YG may not be just one of those pretty girl groups.

It is the first time for YG Entertainment in seven years to launch a new idol girl group since the debut of 2NE1 in 2009. 2NE1 celebrated the seventh anniversary of their debut on May 17.

Source: YG-Life

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