[YG-LIFE] 160518 YG’s new girl group will finally be unveiled… Soon to debut

160518 ygngg

YG Entertainment’s new girl group will finally be unveiled.

According to music and broadcasting industry insiders on May 18, YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK has begun full-fledged preparation for debut of the company’s new girl group. According to insiders, YANG recently met some music video directors who have directed music videos of YG artists including BIGBANG and iKON, to talk about the new girl group’s music video. YG announced, “It is true that CEO YANG HYUN SUK met music video directors, but we’re not yet clear about whether that was for the new girl group”.

There have been talks about YG’s new girl group since 2012. YG once unveiled the faces of trainees who were expected to join the new girl group on the company’s official blog YG LIFE. In 2013, YANG HYUN SUK mentioned the new girl group in detail, on the official blog.

Kim Jisoo who is thought to be the member of the new girl group gained recognition by acting in KBS 2TV’s drama series “Producer” last year. As she also works as a model for advertisements even before her official debut, she is drawing big anticipation. People are also paying attention to whether Moon Soo-a who competed in cable channel Mnet’s rapper survival audition “Unpretty Rap Star 2” will join the girl group.

For now, even YG insiders do not have precise information about who will form the new girl group, as CEO YANG directly picked the members of the girl group and he did not give any hint about the number of members even to his closest staff. YANG formed YG’s first girl group 2NE1 based on a bold idea that broke stereotype about girl groups and 2NE1 achieved big success. Therefore, people just expect as of now that the new girl group will also be a whole new type of group that defies stereotypes.

160530 yg

Since the launching of YG’s new girl group has been delayed than expected, industry insiders predict that the new group will boast better quality than any other girl groups. YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK is a producer who made not only boy groups including BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON but also girl group 2NE1 stand under the global spotlight. Music fans are now paying keen attention to what members will form the new girl group and with what concept they will make debut.

Source: YG-Life

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