[YG-LIFE] 160601 The first member JENNIE of YG’s new girl group has been unveiled… Outstading talent + eye-catching visual

Official Jennie #1

JENNIE, the first member of YG’s new girl group, has been unveiled.

On June 1 at 10am, YG Entertainment unveiled seven photos of a member of its new girl group, on the company’s official blog. JENNIE was the first one to be unveiled. One new member of the girl group will be unveiled every week from now on.

JENNIE already stood under spotlight when she released one-minute rap video in 2012. At that time, she drew attention for her cute look and outstanding rap. Notably, she is known to be fluent in Korea, Japanese, and English. She presented impressive English rap in the video back then.

In the rap video released in 2012, JENNIE showed bubbly appeal and rather shy personality of a young girl. However, the newly-unveiled photos show her matured and feminine appeal. As JENNIE boasts her perfect beauty in the photos, people are paying keen attention to her eye-catching appearance and outstanding talent.

The new girl group of YG that is launched for the first time in seven years since the debut of 2NE1 will officially debut next month.

Source: YG-Life

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