[YG-LIFE] 160629 YG’s New Girl Group BLACKPINK to Debut at End of July with 3 MVs

160622 ygngg

Expectations are running high after YG Entertainment announced the number and the names of members for its new girl group. Seven years have passed since YG launched a new girl group, which was when it launched 2NE1 in 2009.

On June 29, YG officially announced that its new girl group will be comprised of JENNIE (born in 1996), LISA (19 years old and a Thai national), JISOO (born in 1995), and ROSÉ (a Korean national born and raised in Australia and born in 1997).

Now that the members of YG’s mystery new girl group have been unveiled, fans are wondering when the four-member group will debut.

According to our sources, YG decided that BLACKPINK will debut at the end of July for now.

TEDDY, YG’s main producer, was put in charge of producing for BLACKPINK, and the group’s debut album is ready for release. Currently, BLACKPINK is shooting three music videos for the songs in their debut album.

YG is famous for pursuing perfection when it comes to the albums and promotions of their artists, even about the smallest details. So, there’s a chance that the release date of BLACKPINK’s new album may be put off. However, given the current circumstances, BLACKPINK is most likely to debut at the end of July.

A high-ranking official of YG also told Starnews, “There may be slight changes to the schedule, but we decided to launch BLACKPINK at the end of July.” This means that fans will only have to wait a month to see YG’s new girl group.

Meanwhile, An YG insider explained about the name “BLACKPINK”, saying, “’BLACKPINK’ has a meaning of a little bit twist for the pink color which is usually thought to be a pretty color. The message it conveys is that ‘Being pretty is not enough’. So, the team name suggests that this team has both pretty appearance and talent as an artist”.

When the members of BLACKPINK were being revealed one by one earlier on, they created quite an issue with their glamorous beauty and career paths.

JENNIE featured on the music video of G-DRAGON’s “THAT XX” and is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese. A video showing LISA’s excellent dancing skills already posted six million Youtube views, and LISA is also fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese in addition to her mother tongue.

The pure and innocent looking member of BLACKPINK, JISOO, featured on the music videos of EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER+HAPPEN ENDING” and HI SUHYUN’s “I’M DIFFERENT”. She also appeared as a cameo on KBS 2TV’s drama series “The Producers”, which was aired last year. ROSÉ has been a trainee of YG after she passed the final audition in 2012. She featured on G-DRAGON’s “WITHOUT YOU”, a track in his mini-album “ONE OF A KIND”.

Source: YG-Life

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