[ENDORSEMENT] 160706 iKON and Kim Jisoo for LG Stylus2 & X Series: “The Love Story” Full Version

Episode 1: LG Stylus2 – Jinhwan, Way To Draw Love

Jisoo: The man that I like appears.
Jinhwan: I love you. I like you.
Jinhwan: I hate myself who can’t even confess those.
Jinhwan: I draw it with my style.
Jinhwan: LG Stylus2

Episode 2: LG X Screen – B.I., See The Hidden Love

B.I.: This is no fun.
B.I.: I know your heart but when love ends, I am afraid I will lose everything.
B.I.: See through my screen.
B.I.: LG X Screen

Episode 3: LG X Cam – Bobby, In My Eyes, There Is You!

Bobby: I like you too.
Bobby: The love that I felt alone. The love that I had alone. Only me alone in the farewell. My heart hurts.
Bobby: In my moment.
Bobby: LG X Cam
Jisoo: We were friends and we felt different kind of love. Can we be close like our old days?

Source: LGMobile KR
Translation: @syh_bae transcribed from HERE

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