[YG-LIFE] 160726 Exclusive: YG’s BLACKPINK makes debut on August 1 or 8


Rookie girl group BLACKPINK ambitiously launched by YG Entertainment (“YG”) is soon to make debut. According to OSEN’s reporting, the date of debut will be August 1 or 8.

On July 26, a high-ranking official of YG said that BLACKPINK is currently giving the final touch to the preparation for their debut on August 1 or 8. They have already completed the shooting for music videos. Edited version of the videos has not been produced yet.

YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK is famous for paying keen attention to the details of music videos and then doing re-editing. If the edited version of BLACKPINK’s music videos show satisfactory quality, it is highly likely that they will make debut on August 1.

That is because the date 1 has a special meaning for YG.

YG’s leading boy group BIGBANG was also launched on the first day of a month. As such, YG puts a special meaning on day 1. The fact that BLACKPINK would make debut on August 1 demonstrates how big interest and affection YANG HYUN SUK has for BLACKPINK and how hard he is working on the team’s debut.

Even if BLACKPINK does not make debut on the first of August, the deadline for their debut is August 8. Insiders said, “All the work for BLACKPINK’s debut has already been completed. What is left now is scheduling. BLACKPINK will make their first public appearance with as perfect as possible songs and performances”.

Plus, music insiders are paying keen attention to BLACKPINK’s debut, as the influence and effect of the group is expected to be enormous. Music fans are also paying keen attention to if YG’s first girl group in seven years since 2NE1 will create sensation in this summer’s pop music market.

BLACKPINK has already built fandom by unveiling photos of one member every week from the 1st of last month. The first dance practice video of BLACKPINK with four members JENNIE, LISA, JISOO, and ROSÉ is also drawing big attention from in and out of the music scene, reaching four million views within 15 days of release.

Source: YG-Life

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