BLACKPINK’s debut date is set! The girls are coming on August 8th at 8PM KST! To send the fans’ congratulations and support for BLACKPINK’s upcoming debut, BLACKPINK Forums and YGDreamers are collaborating for a fan support project!

The purpose of this project is to show the girls how much support and love they have from fans around the world who have waited for them these years. With that being said, we will ask international fans to send us their messages along with a representative picture of the country/area you live in. For example, Paris = Eiffel Tower, India = Taj Mahal, China = Great Wall of China, and the like.


  1. Kindly limit your messages to 200-300 words. We will also accept scanned photos of handwritten messages. Make sure the scanned copy is clear and your message is legibly written. Photo must at least be 800px by 800px in size.
  2. Messages can either be in English, Korean and/or Japanese. Please refrain from writing in KoreanJapanese if you aren’t fluent of the language. Avoid using Google Translator as it is not reliable. We discourage people from writing their message in Thai for the reason that it would be unfair for the other members who don’t understand the language.
  3. No explicit or inappropriate language allowed.
  4. Choose a representative image of your country/area. If you fail to send us a picture, we will attach a photo of your country’s flag instead. Photo of your country/area should be at least 800px by 800px in size.
  5. We also accept fanarts. Every fan is allowed to send up to 2 fanarts along with your message.

Deadline of submission is on August 12th at 12AM KST

Submit your message/photo/fanarts HERE


Hi Blackpink though this message thread has expired , but we will always stay by your side, fighting with you , and make sure that you will never be didsapointed like the previous girl groups again , Malaysian BLINK


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