[YG-LIFE] 160804 Exclusive: BLACKPINK Announced to Debut with Two Singles on August 8

BLACKPINK is to debut with two singles on August 8.

On August 4, a music industry source told Daily News, “BLACKPINK, the first girl group launched by YG after 2NE1, will reveal two of their songs on August 8.”

With help from YG’s main producer TEDDY, who have participated in making a number of hit songs for BIGBANG and 2NE1, BLACKPINK’s debut album is already completed, and YG has finished making music videos for three of the songs in BLACKPINK’s debut album. However, YG decided to release only two songs at 8PM on August 8.

160804 D-4 BLACKPINK_2

YG commented, “Since it took six years to train the members and two years to complete their debut album, we wanted to make music videos for all of the tracks and it will take time. Therefore, it is only natural that we release only two songs this time.”

This shows that YG is determined to make BLACKPINK a top girl group by releasing and promoting songs all throughout this year.

BLACKPINK’s pictures that were released previously became most searched keyword on portal websites, and their dance practice video surpassed five million views.

BLACKPINK has already been recognized for their gorgeous looks and excellent dancing skills, and now it’s time for them to gain recognition for their music and vocal skills.

Meanwhile, before releasing their songs at 8PM, BLACKPINK will show themselves to the public and the media and perform their new songs for the first time at a showcase at 3 PM. The showcase will be broadcasted live on Naver V App.

Source: YG-Life

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