[YG-LIFE] 160805 YG unveiled BLACKPINK’s LISA from Thailand… Dreamlike visual + fluent in 4 languages

BLACKPINK, YG’s first new girl group in seven years, has unveiled debut D-3 countdown poster of all the members and LISA’s individual poster.

On August 5 at 10AM, YG unveiled two of BLACKPINK’s debut D-3 countdown posters, along with LISA’s individual poster, on the company’s official blog (

160805 D-3 BLACKPINK_1

In the group poster unveiled on the blog, BLACKPINK members are standing in white outfits, making unique and free poses. In LISA’s individual poster, LISA is catching the eyes with exotic and dreamlike visual.

LISA came from Thailand and has been trained at YG for about five years. She is fluent in not only Thai but also English, Japanese, as well as Korean. So, one of her biggest strengths is the languages she speaks.

Plus, she has big talent in dancing, having worked as a member of a dance crew since she was a child. Now, LISA has grown into an outstanding dancer. LISA drew big attention when she unveiled her dance video in 2012 on YG’s official blog. She drew big attention once again for presenting eye-catching dance in BLACKPINK’s group dance video that is recently enjoying big popularity, reaching five million views.

BLACKPINK is a talented girl group with average 19-year-old members who have been hard-trained by YG for four to six years. Along with their talent in music, the members are known to be fluent in foreign languages.

BLACKPINK who is already creating sensation even before their debut will make their first public appearance in debut showcase on August 8. On the same day at 8 o’clock, the music of the group will be released.

160805 D-3 BLACKPINK_2

Source: YG-Life

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