[YG-LIFE] 160806 BLACKPINK’s Other Title Song is a Sexy Hypnotizing Song Titled “WHISTLE”

BLACKPINK’s second debut single is titled “WHISTLE”.

On August 6, YG Entertainment posted a teaser image of BLACKPINK’s second debut single, “WHISTLE”, on its official blog ( A day before, YG had revealed the teaser poster of BLACKPINK’s first debut single “BOOMBAYAH”, attracting much attention from the public.

In the teaser poster of “BOOMBAYAH”, members looked fierce retaining the signature look of YG’s female artists. The members look sexy and charismatic in the teaser poster for “WHISTLE”. Posing under a chandelier, BLACKPINK members show their unique charm and force.

An YG official commented, “’WHISTLE’ is a song about the fluttering emotion between lovers, and the word ‘whistle’ is a metaphorical expression of such emotion. It is a minimalistic hip-hop song that is sexy and hypnotizing.”

160806 yglife blackpink

The song is made by YG’s main producer TEDDY and FUTURE BOUNCE and written by TEDDY (and BEKAH BOOM). YG announced earlier on that “BOOMBAYAH” is a fast-tempo song with a strong beat, and now that the title of BLACKPINK’s second debut song has been revealed, fans are anticipating their debut more than ever. 

YG collaborated with VM Project to make the music video for “WHISTLE”, and it is said that YG was so satisfied with the results that YG proposed doing BOBBY and SONG MINHO’s project together.

BLACKPINK’s long-awaited debut is drawing near and expectations are running high. The teaser posters of each member and all of them together have served to raise the expectations in the run up to their debut on August 8.

The average age of BLACKPINK members is 19, and all the members have gone through rigorous training at YG from at least four to as much as six years. Their talent and beauty have been demonstrated in the teaser posters and BLACKPINK’s dance practice video, which surpassed five million views. BLACKPINK members are also fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, and Thai, which will enable them to go beyond Korea and succeed in the global market.

YG had announced that it plans to release the tracks of BLACKPINK’s debut album one by one and not at the same time and make music videos for all of them as it has taken more than two years to make the album. This shows YG’s confidence in the album, and soon we will be able to find out whether or not they had a good reason to feel confident when “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” get released.

Source: YG-Life

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