[INFO] Music Shows Ranking System {How to help BLACKPINK win?}

As of this writing, YG has only announced BLACKPINK’s debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on August 14th. Like their YG sunbaes, we expect the girls to appear and perform at least on Mnet M!Countdown and SBS Inkigayo. This post will list the different music shows currently on air.



Tuesdays at 8PM KST
Prevoting Period: Fridays 11AM KST – Mondays 9AM KST
35% – Physical + Digital + SNS Hashtag (Korea)
35% – MV views on Tuduo + Paid Votes (China)
15% – Korea SMS Voting (For #1 Nominees Only)
15% – Tuduo China votes (For #1 Nominee Only)


Wednesdays at 7PM KST
50% – Digital charts (Naver Music, Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Genie)
10% – Physical Album Sales (Hanteo Chart)
10% – Netizen Preference/SNS Points
15% – Music Professional Judges’ Ranking
15% – MBC MUSIC Broadcast Points

Mnet MCountdown

Thursdays at 6PM KST
Prevoting Period: Fridays 2PM KST – Mondays 9AM KST
50% – Digital Music Sales (Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet)
15% – Physical Album Sales (Hanteo, Synnara & Hot tracks)
15% – Social Media Score (Youtube Official MV Views)
10% – Popularity Rating (Global fan votes -> VOTE HERE!!! + Age Preference)
10% – Broadcast Score (Mnet and KM Channel Broadcast Score – MV/broadcast, etc)
10% – Live Broadcast Voting (Text vote during broadcast; For #1 Nominees only)

KBS Music Bank

Fridays at 5PM KST
65% – Digital charts (MelOn, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Genie; including mobile sales)
5% – Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks)
20% – Broadcast time (appearances on KBS TV/Radio only)
10% – Viewer’s rating

MBC Show! Music Core

Saturdays at 3:50PM KST
As of April 22, 2017, Music Core revived their charting system.
50% – Digital Sales Points
10% – Physical Album Sales Points
10% – Video Points (Music Video views)
5% – Radio Broadcast Frequency (MBC Radio)

10% – Viewers Committee Votes (Preselected via homepage; 200 people)
15% – Live Broadcast Voting (Text vote during broadcast; For #1 Nominees only)


Sundays at 12:10PM KST
55% – Digital Sales Points (Gaon Digital Chart)
35% – SNS Points (YouTube Official Music Video views only)
5% – Physical Album Sales Points (Gaon Album Chart)
5% – Advance Viewers Vote Points Thru MelOn Homepage/App/AzTalk
10% – ON-AIR (TV & Radio; criteria added as of June 4, 2017)

Live voting was abolished. Updated and effective since February 5, 2017.


Without a doubt, digital sales is the most (but not the only) important among the list of criteria to win as it corresponds to 50% or more on most music shows. Digital sales are based on the following music online stores: MelOn, Naver, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Cyworld, Monkey3, Genie, Soribada, Daum

MelOn is one of the biggest music online store in Korea and we encourage international fans to download and stream BLACKPINK’s music there. Here are tutorials on how to create a MelOn account and how to download & stream.

  • Downloading means you download the entire song from MelOn or any online music store, usually in mp3 format and is saved on your device. A download count a point to MelOn’s download chart. Playing the song offline wouldn’t acquire a point on the chart
  • Streaming allows you to listen to the song via MelOn app (or any music online store app/homepage) and for it to count as a digital point, you have to be online via wifi /network courier.

Please remember that there are some rules for streaming on Melon:

  1. Audio quality does not matter.
  2. While streaming, do not touch the play/pause buttons.
  3. 1 stream per hour per user ID will count.
  4. Only 1 download per user will count.

Also, instiz has iChart which collectively counts all sales/charts from online music stores and officially certify a song as All-Kill or Perfect All-Kill if it places #1 on all of the charts, real-time, daily and weekly. iTunes, unfortunately, doesn’t count to any Korean music show charts.


Physical album sales, though not as big a percentage criteria on music shows as the digital sales, is just as important to help the girls win on music shows. The following is a list of online Kpop stores international fans could purchase BLACKPINK’s future albums along with the corresponding Korean chart/s they count.

  1. Yesasia = Gaon and Hanteo Charts
  2. Ktown4u = Hanteo Chart
  3. Kpoptown = Gaon and Hanteo Charts
  4. Kpopmart = Hanteo Chart
  5. ilovekart = Gaon and Hanteo Charts
  6. Synnara = Hanteo Chart


SNS points consist of but not limited to BLACKPINK’s MV views (on Youtube, MelOn, Daum, Naver), buzz and trend on social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, MelOn, Gaon, Naver, Daum, etc. It is important to trend and talk about the girls and their songs on Twitter/Facebook as well as search “BLACKPINK” or “블랙핑크” on Naver/Daum/MelOn/Gaon.

Nowadays, SNS points only include official music video views from YouTube.

Summarized and Updated by YGDreamers via taeckhunid

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