[TUTORIAL] How To Create A MelOn Account (PC/Desktop)

MelOn is the largest and one of the most influential online music store of South Korea. Digital sales (downloads and streams) contribute a big chunk to most music shows’ ranking system and year-end award events and so it would be very helpful to purchase and stream BLACKPINK’s songs from MelOn or other Korean online music store. This post will guide you on how to create a MelOn account. If you already have an account and wants to know how to download/stream on MelOn, check this post.

As of August 4, MelOn has restricted its registration to only those with Korean phone number and/or those with a KakaoTalk account. The instructions below will guide you on how to create a MelOn account using a KakaoTalk account (+ KakaoTalk registration process).

1. Go to melon.com and click on MelOn Login.

2017MELON Registration_1

2. Click ‘Kakao Account Login’ button as seen on photo.

2017MELON Registration_2

3. Login if you already have an existing Kakao account, otherwise click ‘Sign Up’ to register.

2017MELON Registration_3

4. Check circles to agree to (required) terms.

2017MELON Registration_4

5. Fill up necessary fields and click ‘Next’.

2017MELON Registration_5

6. Verification code will be sent to the email you provided. Check your email and input the code sent to you.

2017MELON Registration_6

7. You have successfully created a Kakao account! Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed to the next step.

2017MELON Registration_7

8. Click ‘Agree’ button to proceed.

2017MELON Registration_8

9. Tick (required) boxes and register on MelOn via Kakaotalk account by clicking the green button as seen below.

2017MELON Registration_9

10. You have successfully created a MelOn account via Kakao login/signup! Click ‘Confirm’ (the green button below) to proceed to homepage.

2017MELON Registration_10

Tutorial by Jaybee of YGDreamers

3 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How To Create A MelOn Account (PC/Desktop)”

    1. As of December 2017, MelOn has made it impossible for international fans to make a new account on their last system update. MelOn added verification via Korean phone number for the sign up to be successful. i-Pin has also been removed as verification too.


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