[YG-LIFE] 160814 BLACKPINK to Perform “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” for the First Time on Inkigayo Today

What will their performance be like? YG Entertainment’s new girl group BLACKPINK is to perform for the first time on stage and those who had this question will have their answers today.

According to SBS, BLACKPINK is to perform “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” for the first time on stage on Inkigayo, which will be aired in the afternoon of August 14.


Not only the fans but also those in the music industry are anticipating their performance. BLACKPINK has been showing great success since their debut, and apart from the music videos, it will be the first time they sing their songs in public. The historic stage will be aired during Inkigayo on August 14.

“WHISTLE”, the title song of BLACKPINK’s debut single album “SQAURE ONE”, is currently sweeping the charts. The official music video surpassed the 10 million mark in Youtube views, demonstrating BLACKPINK’s immense popularity.

“WHISTLE” is a sexy and hypnotizing hip-hop song with a simple beat. Its unique melody that is themed around the sound of a whistle and tinkling water bubble sounds make the song pleasant to the ear. “BOOMBAYA” is a fast-tempo song with powerful drum beats and unique synth sounds. Once you hear the hook part of the song, in which members shout out “oppa”, soon you will find yourself humming the song over and over again.

Meanwhile, in addition to BLACKPINK, Hyuna, JUN.K, Nine Muses A, GFriend, Oh My Girl, MONSTA X, UP10TION, J-Min, Beatwin, Seung Youn of UNIQ(feat. Hyunsik of BTOB), Astro, 24K, INX, DJ JOY, and Jun Min Kyong will appear on Inkigayo on August 14.

Source: YG-Life

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