[INSTAGRAM/INFO] Idols and Friends Show Support to BLACKPINK

The Legend’s Ryu Jaehyuk

So you’re finally debuting~!!
Cool, so cool~~!!! Jennie-yah, Jisoo-yah, fighting
#BlackPink  #Whistle  #Boombayah

Melody Day’s Chahee

Finally today 🔆🔆❤️

MBK Entertainment’s Solo Artist, Shannon Williams

Fighting! Congrats on your debut, Jisoo unnie and Lisa unnie!! ❤️❤️Congrats to Jisoo and Lisa! 😍

Ex-JYP Trainee, Lena Ahn 

Afterschool’s Raina

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붐바야야야야야 오빠!

A post shared by 레이나 °∙ 𖤐 (@raina_57) on

Boombayayayayaya Oppa!

Got7 BamBam’s Sister

CLC’s Sorn via CLC Fancafe

160809 clc sorn with lisa_1160809 clc sorn with lisa_2160809 clc sorn with lisa trans_1160809 clc sorn with lisa trans_2160809 clc sorn with lisa trans_3

Translation: 5_Herose_5Comfortbeauty_ | Jaybee @YGDreamers

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