[INSTAGRAM] 160821 YG & More Congratulates BLACKPINK + BLACKPINK Thanks Fans

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A post shared by BLΛƆKPIИK (@blackpinkofficial) on

Jisoo: Thank you so much, sajangnim!!!!!!!!!^^ 💜💜

Yang Hyun Seok: It seems like the 6 years you spent practicing didn’t go to waste. I was moved too. Congrats, congrats ^^

Congrats  on your 1st win BLACKPINK 👏👏👏

#BLACKPINK #INKIGAYO #1stWin #CongratsCongrats

A/N: Kim Heejeong (__gamzza) is a YG Dancer (CRAZY).

#INKIGAYO #BLACKPINK #1stWinCongratsCongrats ~ Daebak!!!! #Whistle~ Uh!! kekekekeke #LetsDoWellFromNowOn #ShortArmLisaIsHoldingThePhone kekekeke Good #BLACKPINK #BoombayahIsAlsoGood !!

A/N: siya_shxo91 is a SBS Inkigayo staff.

Bonus: 2NE1’s Park also liked YGEnt’s tweets about BLACKPINK

160820 bom twitter like160821 bom twitter like blackpink

Translation: Jaybee & meloncreme @YGDreamers


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