[YG-LIFE] 160822 BLACKPINK took No.1 in TV music show within shortest-ever period of time of debut… “Sensational”

BLACKPINK took meaningful No.1 in a TV music show within two weeks of their debut, the shortest-ever period of time for a girl group. So far, miss A and 2NE1 held the No.1 and No.2 record of taking top place in a TV music show within shortest period of time, but the two teams had set the record three weeks after their debut. That shows how sensational and meaningful record BLACKPINK, YG’s rookie girl group with four members that has been prepared for the past four years, is setting.


YG’s rookie girl group BLACKPINK was nominated for No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” on August 21, on the 14th day from their debut. As BLACKPINK took No.1, they set the record of taking No.1 in public TV network’s music show within the shortest-ever period of time for a girl group. It is exceptional for a rookie singer to receive No.1 trophy in a public TV network’s music show within two weeks of their debut, and BLACKPINK even set the record of No.1 in a TV music show within shortest-ever period of time for a girl group. Furthermore, both “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”, the double title tracks of BLACKPINK’s debut album, were nominated for No.1.

BLACKPINK drew keen attention from long before their official debut, as they are from YG. As YG is famous for pursuing perfect quality of their music, many music fans had anticipation for BLACKPINK’s music from even before their debut. BLAKCPINK fulfilled the anticipation with their debut song “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”, satisfying people’s big anticipation and interest in them. That is why BLACKPINK’s No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” is all the more meaningful.

What is notable is both BLACKPINK’s fandom and the public are giving big support for the team. BLACKPINK’s debut song “WHISTLE” is staying in No.1 on a variety of music charts for two weeks, which is an exceptional phenomenon for a rookie. As BLACKPINK is firmly staying in the top rank despite comeback of other top singers to prove their already-substantial influence, music fans are paying bigger attention to BLACKPINK’s future.

Notably, such achievement is all the more meaningful as it was made even though BLACKPINK’s exposure to the media was much less than that of others. That proves the fact that BLACKPINK’s contents are powerful. BLACKPINK has not been exposed to the media that much for the two weeks since their debut, except for their performance in SBS “INKIGAYO”. Much differently from other rookies who do everything possible to get exposed to the public, BLACKPINK has not revealed themselves in front of the public except for their dance practice video unveiled on YG’s blog. Nevertheless, BLACKPINK is drawing big attention consistently and making substantial achievements continuously, which is enough to be extolled.

BLACKPINK had created sensation in the music scene, from even before their debut. Now, they are setting new records with well-made quality contents and making remarkable achievements one after another. As YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK once said, it is worthwhile to look forward to the promising future of BLACKPINK who is created after six years of hard training.

Source: YG-Life