[YG-LIFE] 160823 BLACKPINK, YG’s strategy for this monstrous rookie is working like magic [BLACKPINK Sensation]

YG Entertainment’s new girl group is making formidable achievements. They are writing unprecedented records which are exceptional for a rookie who made official debut only three weeks ago. BLACKPINK is sweeping top ranks on music-streaming websites for 15 days in a row and took No.1 in a TV music show within the shortest-ever period of time for a girl group. Their music videos have surpassed 20 million views. Just a “whistle” of these girls is creating sensation.

160823 blackpink

Another unprecedented record was added to BLACKPINK’s career recently. The video of BLACKPINK’s performance in a TV music show aired on August 22 in the evening has surpassed 10 million views. The video of “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” presented in SBS “INKIGAYO” on the 14 this month are recording 5.3 million views and 4.9 million views, respectively. Not only BLACKPINK’s music but also their outstanding beauty and talent are working as a big draw for their performance on the stage.

Now, BLACKPINK has joined the ranks of YG’s “monstrous rookies”, following the footsteps of WINNER who debuted in 2014 and iKON who made debut last year. YG’s rookie boy groups and a girl group now are creating sensation in the music scene. All those three rookies took music charts by the storm upon their debut. These days, it is hard for a rookie group to even get their debut song enter charts. So, taking No.1 on charts is kind of impossible for a rookie.

The birth of YG’s monstrous rookie idol groups for three years in a row demonstrates how thoroughly YG have planned for them. People’s confidence in YG built in the process is high. They expect monstrous success usually possible for top idol singers for YG’s rookies, just because they are from YG. Every time, YG lived up to people’s expectations with tangible achievement of quality debut albums, as well as No.1 in music charts and TV music shows.

Most of all, unlike other rookie idol groups who appear in as many TV shows as possible to build recognition and as many reality shows as possible to expand their fandom, YG’s rookies have just concentrated on their music and performances. BLACKPINK has appeared in front of the public just in their debut album, music videos, dance practice videos, and performances in “INKIGAYO”. The fact that BLACKPINK is making this remarkable achievement despite less exposure to the media indicates that the team has irresistible attraction.

That is YG’s strategy for creation of monstrous rookies. Based on the big spotlight given for the name YG, rookies are trained to build the power to attract people to them with music and performances that live up to people’s big expectations. That is also how BLACKPINK, another monstrous rookie of YG, has been born.

Source: YG-Life

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