[YG-LIFE] 160825 BLACKPINK Shows the Path of a True Monster Rookie

How else can you describe them but monster rookie?

As of 4 PM on August 25, BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” posted a total of 40,575,286 views on Youtube. It is an incredible number given that BLACKPINK debuted only 15 days ago.

Even before their debut, BLACKPINK created much sensation and gained much popularity. As soon as the group released their debut album “SQUARE ONE”, they become the center of spotlight. For two weeks, “WHISTLE” had been no.1 on the charts. The song is still high up on the charts although a number of top singers have made a comeback.

BLACKPINK’s huge popularity is also demonstrated in TV music shows. On August 21, “WHISTLE” became no.1 on SBS’s Inkigayo. It happened only 14 days after BLACKPINK’s debut and only a week after their first music show appearance. With this, BLACKPINK became the girl group that topped the charts in the shortest amount of time.

BLACKPINK exceeded the expectations that people had before their debut. The group is going viral not only in Korea but across the world. BLACKPINK’s songs have ranked high on the charts of iTunes, Billboards, UK Amazon, and China’s QQ music, which is rare for a newbie girl group.

160825 blackpink

There’s a secret to BLACKPINK’s success. BLACKPINK consists of members that have gone through years of rigorous training. It’s hard to believe that they are a rookie looking at their talent. The combination of such great talent and YG’s top producer TEDDY created an enormous synergy effect.

As implied in the name, BLACKPINK is a group that can sometimes be girlish but, at other times, be charismatic enough to make girls develop a crush on them. BLACKPINK’s such two-sided charm played a part in their success. The strategy was to make anyone fall in love with BLACKPINK once they set their eyes on the group, and it is working.

But this is only the beginning. BLACKPINK has shown and achieved so much only with their debut album, and it is almost certain that they will keep on pleasantly surprising their fans in the days to come.

Source: YG-Life

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