[NEWS] 160830 YG Reveals Epic Plans For Remainder Of 2016


YG Entertainment is promising to come out in full force during the remainder of this year. Albums will be finished, new songs will be released, and debuts will be delivered.

A source spoke with OSEN and said, “Yang Hyun Suk will mobilize the company’s capability and take the lead in a hectic schedule for fans.”

Apparently, Bobby and Song Mino’s solo debuts are next. Following them will be the album releases for iKON and WINNER. Finally, BIGBANG’s “MADE” album will be finalized.


Furthermore, the article claims that Akdong Musician, PSY, Epik High, and Lee Hi will be releasing new music this year. In addition, YG producer Teddy has his label which will release music for Zion.T. Also, Epik High’s label is working on music for Hyukoh.

These plans will start in September until the end of the year.


After signing with YG, Sechs Kies will be having their solo concerts on September 10 and 11. Following their concerts, the group is highly likely to release a new song. The members have been busy at YG’s recording studio recording approximately 20 songs for their concert stage.


With teasers for iKON member Bobby’s solo debut already out, he is no doubt the next YG artist to release new music. Bobby has proved his rapping skills through “Show Me the Money 3” and many fans have been eagerly awaiting his solo debut. iKON is also preparing new songs, so they will likely reveal new tracks before the year’s end.


Following Bobby’s solo debut, Song Mino will also release new solo music. The WINNER member also showed his rapping skills on “Show Me the Money 4,” so many are anticipating tracks from him. After his solo activities, WINNER will be releasing new music as well. Furthermore, there’s a unit project between Bobby and Song Mino that might be coming out soon.


BLACKPINK’s debut has proven successful with their music chart and music show wins. YG is highly likely to continue releasing new tracks from the groups steadily through the remaining months in the year. It appears as though they will be releasing two very soon including at least one new music video.

Looks like fans will be in for a treat if the promises prove to be true.

Source: Soompi

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