[YG-LIFE] 160909 BLACKPINK’s never-ending popularity… No.1 in TV music show again

BLACKPINK’s popularity never ends. BLACKPINK is creating sensation continuously, in the second week of September, the time when they are giving the last performance for their debut single. In cable channel Mnet’s “M-Countdown” that was live-broadcasted on September 8 in the evening, BLACKPINK took their first No.1 in the show with debut song “WHISTLE”. Such achievement is all the more meaningful, as they took No.1 without appearance in the show.


The No.1 in “M-Countdown” is the second No.1 in a TV music show for BLACKPINK, following the first No.1 in SBS “INKIGAYO” on the 21 last month. BLACKPINK will wrap up performances for their debut single “SQUARE ONE”, with a performance in this week’s “INKIGAYO” (exclusively reported by OSEN). If BLACKPINK takes No.1 in this week’s “INKIGAYO” that will not be aired because the day is Thanksgiving holiday, BLACKPINK will practically take No.1 in the show for two weeks in a row. Considering records on charts, BLACKPINK is highly likely to take No.1 in this week’s “INKIGAYO”.

BLACKPINK released debut single “SQUARE ONE” on the 8 last month, to hit music charts by the storm with double title tracks “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”. Notably, “WHISTLE” stayed in No.1 on charts for about a month, recording a long-run hit so exceptionally for a rookie. The team also took No.1 in a public TV’s music show within the shortest-ever period of time since debut for a rookie girl group. Because of such big popularity they enjoyed upon their debut, BLACKPINK has given performances for a longer period than originally scheduled.

An YG insider said, “BLACKPINK will give a TV performance on September 11 and that will be the last performance for their debut single album. We’re especially grateful for fans’ support much greater than we expected. Even though BLACKPINK gave their performances for a period longer than originally planned, that was still not enough to fully satisfy fans, so we’re really sorry. Instead, BLACKPINK will put more focus on preparation for their new songs. We believe that BLACKPINK’s comeback with quality music is the way to reward for fans’ support. BLACKPINK will meet fans in more diverse channels for the next album”.

Even though it has already been about a month since the release of “WHISTLE”, the song is still enjoying great popularity, taking No.1 in a TV music show. Already, BLACKPINK wrote history when they took No.1 in TV music show “INKIGAYO” in two weeks of their debut, the shortest-ever period of time for a rookie girl group. That proved BLACKPINK’s formidable potential.


That is not all. BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE” is enjoying long-run popularity, staying in top ranks on Korea’s biggest music-streaming website Melon. The song wrote an unprecedented record on Gaon Chart as well, taking No.1 on four of its charts including digital chart, streaming chart, and download chart (and mobile chart). By sweeping August’s Gaon chart, BLACKPINK proved their potential as a “monstrous rookie” once again.


BLACKPINK even took No.1 and No.2 with “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” on American Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, going beyond Korea. Such record further raised fans’ expectations for BLACKPINK’s future.

BLACKPINK is the most promising rookie artist of this year. BLACKPINK proved their potential as the super rookie once again, by taking No.1 on four charts of August’s Gaon Chart. The four girls are firmly building their career by sweeping Gaon’s digital, streaming, as well as download charts. By dominating August’s monthly charts of Gaon, BLACKPINK hit the music scene by the storm again.

What is even more notable about BLACKPINK is the fact that “WHISTLE” is still staying in high ranks on music charts. The song is enjoying long-run popularity, staying in high places on Korea’s biggest music-streaming website Melon. Music fans are paying keen attention now to how long BLACKPINK’s popularity will continue despite rush of other artists’ new songs.

Source: YG-Life

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