[YG-LIFE] 160911 BLACKPINK Wins Another Trophy on Their Last TV Appearance, Proving itself a “monster rookie”

BLACKPINK won another trophy on their last TV appearance. With this, BLACKPINK won three no.1 trophies with its debut song and demonstrated that the group is indeed a “monster rookie”.


On the September 11 show of Inkigayo, BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” were both nominated for the no.1 spot, and “WHISTLE” won the spot. The song was pitted against Han Dong Geun’s ”Making A New Ending For This Story, a song that has climbed high up on the charts once again after it went down.

After “WHISTLE” was announced as the no.1 song, BLACKPINK thanked YANG HYUN SUK and the YG staff for their efforts and the fans for their support. Their eyes filled up with tears.

BLACKPINK took the no.1 spot on Inkigayo on August 21 and on M Countdown on September 8.When they were interviewed by the hosts of the show before their stage, BLACKPINK members said that their most memorable moment was when they first met the fans and when they first became no.1 on Inkigayo. The moment when they won their third trophy on their last TV appearance will surely be included on the list.


*omitted non-related parts*

Source: YG-Life

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