[YG-LIFE] 160912 BLACKPINK wraps up performances for their debut single… “Will come back quickly”

Rookie girl group BLACKPINK who took this summer by the storm has successfully rounded off performances for their debut single album.


On September 11, BLACKPINK gave the last performance for their debut single “SQUARE ONE” in SBS “INKIGAYO”. On the day, BLACKPINK took honorable No.1 in “INKIGAYO” with “WHISTLE”, one of the double title tracks of “SQUARE ONE”.

BLACKPINK members expressed their gratitude to fans through their label YG Entertainment (“YG”), saying, “We made debut only a month ago and you have given us so much support. We’ll keep working hard, so that we can come back to you quickly. Please look forward to our comeback”.


BLACKPINK was finally unveiled to the public on August 8 this year, under big spotlight. To live up to people’s big expectations for YG’s first rookie girl group in seven years, BLACKPINK left a big impression to the public, writing unprecedented records exceptional for a rookie upon their debut.

▶ Causing seismic change in the music scene, with sensation created by “WHISTLE”!


BLACKPINK was sensational from the very beginning. “WHISTLE” swept top ranks on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of eight major music-streaming websites in Korea. Despite rush of new songs pouring onto charts, “WHISTLE” stayed in No.1 for 16 days in a row and also swept No.1 on six monthly charts, exerting unprecedentedly large influence. Notably, “WHISTLE” topped the digital, download, streaming, and mobile chart of Gaon Chart of August of 2016.


BLACKPINK’s popularity went beyond Korea. It took No.1 on iTunes chart of 14 countries; seventh place on British Amazon’s “Rap & Hip-Hop Hot New Release” chart; and No.1 on the weekly, popularity, music video, and K-pop music video chart of China’s biggest music-streaming website QQ Music. With such big success which is unbelievably exceptional for a rookie artist, BLACKPINK wrote new history in the music scene.

▶ The icon of the “first and shortest”!


BLACKPINK recorded so many “firsts” and “shortests” after their debut. BLACKPINK took their first No.1 in a TV music show within 14 days from their debut in SBS “INKIGAYO”, which was the shortest period of time ever recorded by a girl group. Plus, BLACKPINK took No.1 and No.2 on American Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart with “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” within the shortest-ever period of time for a Korean girl group, to prove their big influence once again.


The official music videos of “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE” released on YouTube along with the songs are recording 34,660,099 views and 28,481,564 views, respectively, surpassing 60 million views in total.

Music fans are paying keen attention to BLACKPINK’s future to be unfolded after their successful debut.

Source: YG-Life

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