[YG-LIFE] 161027 BLACKPINK’s Comeback “D-5”… Double title tracks of “PLAYING WITH FIRE” + “STAY”

BLACKPINK has unveiled teaser images of “STAY”, the second title track of their second single. Two days ago, other teaser posters for first title track “PLAYING WITH FIRE” were unveiled first.


On October 27 at 10AM, YG Entertainment released teaser posters of BLACKPINK’s individual members, which also displayed “STAY”, one of the two title tracks of the team’s second single album “SQUARE TWO”, on the company’s official blog (


In the posters, JENNIE boasts her lovely look with pink lips. JISOO displays even further improved beauty in two-toned hair style. LISA is revealing charisma, in a rider jacket and mesh stockings. Lastly, ROSÉ is catching the eyes with her intense eye expression, looking into the front while sitting on a red chair. The four members are displaying different and unique appeal in the posters.


On October 25, BLACKPINK unveiled teaser images of “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, the title of the first title track of their second single. The posters raised fans’ anticipation, as “PLAYING WITH FIRE” was suggested to be a song of a whole new genre. As “STAY” is known to be a song of a new genre that has never been tried by BLACKPINK before, fans are showing keen interest in BLACKPINK’s new single.


Music fans are now paying keen attention to if BLACKPINK will be able to hit a home-run once again with their second digital single to be released on November 1, after the great success of their debut singe “SQUARE ONE”.

Source: YG-Life

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