[YG-LIFE] 161028 YG Announced “Title tracks of BLACKPINK’s ‘SQUARE TWO’ are both made by TEDDY”

YG announced that the double title tracks of BLACKPINK’s second EP “SQUARE TWO”—“PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY”—are made by its main producer TEDDY.


TEDDY has been with YG for twenty years since he started out as a member of 1TYM. He participated in making a number of BIGBANG and 2NE1’s hit songs and also wrote the music and the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”, the double title tracks of the girl group’s debut EP “SQUARE ONE”.

Recently, TEDDY launched a sub-label named “THE BLACK LABEL” under YG. THE BLACK LABLE has ten studios near the YG building in Hapjeong-dong and, together with nine new producers including the megastar producer ZION.T, TEDDY is all set to make new music.

He said that he wants to make THE BLACK LABEL the best label in Korea while doing his part as the main producer of YG at the same time.

TEDDY made the lyrics and music of the title tracks of BLACKPINK’s “SQUARE TWO”, which is scheduled to be released on November 1. Given that he was the main producer for 2NE1 for the last seven years, BLACKPINK has the strongest card under its sleeve with TEDDY by its side.

This was demonstrated when BLACKPINK’s debut album was released. “WHISTLE” took the charts by storm in and out of Korea upon release. The music videos of “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” set a new record by surpassing a combined view of 100 million on Youtube in less than three months.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK announced that, after releasing its second album “SQUARE TWO”, the members will be doing their very first variety show by appearing on Weekly Idol and more performances on music shows too.

Quite a number of girl group have recently made a comeback, but still expectations are running high for BLACKPINK’s new album, and many are wondering if the rookie will dominate the charts again with a new style of music.

Source: YG-Life

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