[YG-LIFE] 161029 Video Teasers of BLACKPINK’s New Tropical House Song “PLAYING WITH FIRE” Released

BLACKPINK is to make a comeback with a song in a totally different genre, tropical house. Expectations are running high for BLACKPINK’s new style of music.

At 4 PM on October 29, YG Entertainment released a teaser video of BLACKPINK’s new song on its official blog.


The video starts off showing JENNIE’s charming face, and then, features the faces of other members looking feminine and relaxed. The video features an intense piano tune, which is taken out of BLACKPINK’s new song, along with innocent yet sexy images of the members.

The piano tune is part of BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, which is a tropical house song. It is the first time that BLACKPINK released a song in this genre.


The whistling sound in the teaser video that was released in the morning was the melody of “PLAYING WITH FIRE”. The song is a medium tempo song that has powerful synthetic sounds, and expectations are running high for the song.

Three months have passed since BLACKPINK’s debut, and now they are to make a comeback with music that is as sophisticated as its name.

With only three days to go until its comeback, there is growing curiosity among fans about the music and the choreography of BLACKPINK’s new songs and whether they will be very different from “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”. They are also wondering what kind of change BLACKPINK will bring this time in Korea’s pop music scene.


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s second EP “SQUARE TWO” has three tracks: “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “STAY” and an acoustic version of “WHISTLE”. As the new songs are both TEDDY’s creation, expectations are running high.

BLACKPINK is to have its comeback stage on SBS’s Inkigayo on November 6 and on Mnet’s M Countdown on November 10. The group will also do its first variety show appearance on Weekly Idol.

Source: YG-Life

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