[YG-LIFE] 161030 With Two Days to go Until its Comeback, BLACKPINK Reveals the Behind-the-scenes Video of its “STAY” MV

YG revealed a part of “STAY”, one of the title tracks of BLACKPINK’s second EP.

On October 30, YG Entertainment posted the behind-the-scenes video of BLACKPINK’s “STAY” music video on its official blog. In the video, the members introduced the “STAY” MV as, “It shows images of a kid that is alone and feeling anxious, lonely, and sad.”


The behind-the-scenes video features parts of the song “STAY”. It starts with harmonica sounds and moves on BLACKPINK’s vocals on top of lyrical guitar sounds. The song is perfect for chilly autumn nights. Unlike BLACKPINK’s debut singles “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH”, “STAY” will be a song that shows BLACKPINK’s emotional side.

The director of the music video, Han Sa Min, told BLACKPINK members, “You have to express the feeling that you want someone by your side.” The music video will be a chance to see how well BLACKPINK members can express their feelings when acting.


BLACKPINK members also show their playful and cute side in the video, making people smile just by looking at them. They film each other and play with each other, while being coy at the same time.

YG decided to release the behind-the-scenes video before releasing the song to show how confident they are about BLACKPINK’s new album. YG announced that the other title track, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, is a tropical house song, and fans are wondering what that would sound like.

BLACKPINK is to release its second EP “SQUARE TWO” on November 1, and the album contains “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “STAY”, and an acoustic version of “WHISTLE”.

Source: YG-Life

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