[YG-LIFE] 161031 BLACKPINK “Comeback D-1”… “PLAYING WITH FIRE” + “STAY” to be released tonight

BLACKPINK releases two new songs “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY” tonight at 12 o’clock.

On October 31 at 10AM, YG Entertainment unveiled a poster titled “TODAY” for the release of BLACKPINK’s second single “SQUARE TWO”, on the company’s official blog (


In the poster, BLACKPINK members are looking far into the front, standing on an overturned vehicle. Notably, firework smoke in a variety of colors is rising into the sky, making an eye-catching scene.

Before their comeback, BLACKPINK has been fully revealing their appeals that have not been disclosed before, in the series of “teasing promotions” carried out in a remarkable scale. A variety of content including a large pool of image cuts, a track list, credit posters, teaser film, and music video making film suggested bold transformation and evolution of BLACKPINK’s music, so music fans are showing remarkably big interest in BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Plus, BLACKPINK’s second single “SQUARE TWO” includes total three songs: “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY” which are the double title tracks, as well as an acoustic version of “WHISTLE”. Notably, the new single also suggests expansion of BLACKPINK’s musical boundary, as the team tries tropical house genre for the new single for the first time.

In the meantime, music fans are paying keen attention to if BLACKPINK will create another sensation with their second digital single “SQUARE TWO” released on November 1, after the big success they achieved as the most promising rookie of the year 2016 with debut single “SQUARE ONE”.

Source: YG-Life

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