[YG-LIFE] 161101 BLACKPINK sweeping No.1 on charts with “PLAYING WITH FIRE”… The “monstrous rookie” has come back

Girl group BLACKPINK is sweeping music charts.

As of November 1 at 7AM, BLACKPINK’s new song “PLAYING WITH FIRE” is sweeping No.1 on the charts of major music-streaming websites: Genie Music, NAVER Music, Olleh Music,, etc.

“STAY”, the other title track of BLACKPINK’s new single, is also sweeping charts along with “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, taking No.2 on different charts.


BLACKPINK released the songs of their second single album “SQUARE TWO” on music-streaming websites in Korea, on November 1 at 0 o’clock (midnight on October 31).

“PLAYING WITH FIRE” is a song of tropical genre, which is completely different from hip-hop music “WHISTLE” and cross-over EDM “BOOMBAYAH”. The song’s lyrics compare the heart of a girl in love to “playing with fire”. “STAY” that begins with harmonica melody is a catchy ballad of BLACKPINK’s sentimental vocal based on guitar sound. Its lyrics talk about love and breakup, as well as a girl who wants her lover to stay with her. The song presents BLACKPINK’s two contrasting appeals just like the contrast between color pink and black. Fans are now showing big interest in the performance of the song.


BLACKPINK made debut in August this year, being called a “monstrous rookie”. Upon their debut, BLACKPINK created sensation in the music scene. For their second single, BLACKPINK will more actively communicate with the public and fully reveal their unique charms that have not been unveiled before. Such plan is widely welcomed by fans.

BLACKPINK will give their comeback performance in “INKIGAYO” show this Sunday (Nov. 6) and then the second comeback performance in “M-Countdown” show next Thursday (Nov. 10). Plus, BLACKPINK is taking part in the shooting for MBC Every1’s entertainment show “Weekly Idol” today (Nov. 1).

Source: YG-Life

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