[NEWS] 161102 BLACKPINK Members Reveal What Ideal Types Make Their Hearts Flutter

The BLACKPINK members reveal what ideal types make them feel like their latest comeback track “Playing With Fire”!

On November 2, BLACKPINK held an interview for their digital single “SQUARE TWO,” where they were asked what ideal types made their hearts flutter just like the lyrics of their song.


Jennie revealed that she wanted someone who faithfully does his job, while Jisoo revealed that she wanted a good-natured, kind man who will treat her well. Lisa surprised everyone with her answer by saying she preferred someone who was much older than her. She explained that while she didn’t want a big age gap, an older man would be able to take care of her.

Rosé revealed that she wanted someone who had a distinct, good voice. When asked to pick among artists, Rosé picked BIGBANG and complimented their voices. She also revealed her hope to someday perform a duet with BIGBANG on stage.

What do you think of their ideal types?

Source: Soompi