[YG-LIFE] 161103 Interview Part 2: “JENNIE-LISA are like black and JISOO-ROSÉ are like pink”… BLACKPINK’s A to Z

“Each of us is a good friend to one another, so we’re like a group of good friends. We have to go on a long journey for the same goal together and we’re good friends. That gives us many strengths. I think the best part about being BLACKPINK is being with these members”.

That is JENNIE’s answer to a question about what the best part of being a member of BLACKPINK is. It has been only three months since BLACKPINK’s official debut, but the members have built deep bond and friendship among themselves during the time of their training for four to six years. Therefore, the one who best understands BLACKPINK is the members themselves. This is BLACKPINK’s stories told by BLACKPINK themselves about their appeals, ideal types of guys, and so on.


The team’s name is BLACKPINK, who do you think best fit color black and pink?

JISOO: I think black is the color for JENNIE. She likes to wear black clothes and her charisma on the stage fits the image of color black. Pink is for ROSÉ. In French, ROSÉ means “pink”, so even her name goes well with color pink. (What do you think is the color for you?) I think it’s pink and for LISA, it’s black.


You had spent a long time being trained, what was your secret for healing yourselves from hardships in the process?

ROSÉ: The best time for me is when I cook and eat with the other members, and when I laugh with them watching TV.

JENNIE: I like to eat at small but good restaurants. Eating at those places with the other three are the best memories for me.

What kind of restaurants do you mostly go to?

JENNIE: I find out information about good restaurants on the Internet. We’ve visited many Thai restaurants as well. It’s not just because of LISA, but I really like Thai food. I think we’ve eaten at almost all good Thai restaurants. (Any recommendations?) We mostly eat in the Hongdae area, and there are many good Thai food places there.

LISA, do you like Korean food? What is your favorite?

LISA: My favorite is gamja-tang (spicy pork back-bone stew). I’ve never seen gamja-tang in Thailand and I first tired it in Korea. It was perfect for my taste.

All of you seem to like eating very much, but you are in grape shapes. What is your secret?

JISOO: We don’t even need to do exercise, because we practice dance really hard. Everyone in our team really loves to eat, so we have to eat delicious foods. We control our shapes by reducing the amount we eat when necessary.


Please tell me what’s good about the member sitting next to you.

JENNIE: We shot “Weekly Idol” show yesterday and JISOO was so easy-going and humorous there. I think she will show such free and easy appeals much from now on.

JISOO: LISA is so charismatic on the stage, but she’s actually like a little brother, not even a little sister, when not on the stage. She is so mischievous and she is cute like a little child.

LISA: ROSÉ is friendly and talks very well usually, but she is also a shy girl. However, she’s so cool on the stage and she’s also very cool when paying guitar. Her voice is husky and attractive.

ROSÉ: JENNIE may look not that friendly as she is confident, cool, sexy, and talented on the stage and on TV. However, she is actually a warm-hearted and cute girl. She is a charming and easy-going girl but I don’t think many people know about what she is really like. She has such unexpected and unlikely appeal.

You sing “love is like playing with fire”. What kind of guys attract you?

JENNIE: I like a man who does his best for his work.

JISOO: I’m attracted to a nice guy who really likes me.

LISA: I like a man much older than me, who can take care of me.

ROSÉ: I like a man with good voice. I’m less attracted to those who have voices that don’t match their images. (Whose voice do you prefer for duet?) I’ve always liked songs of senior YG artists. If I could have an opportunity, I want to do duet performance with BIGBANG. That would a great honor for me.

All idol groups have their own nicknames. What kind of nickname do you want?

JENNIE: Most nicknames are taken by other idol groups. So, I hope people see us and intuitively give us a nickname that perfectly matches us, like “Oh, these girls should be called something!”

Source: YG-Life

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[…] Fonte: brazilkorea, kpoppt, kprofiles, blackpinkaminobrasil, biotist, miner8, syndicasian, inkphy, allkpop, yg-life, sbs, kpopbehind, ygdreamers (1), ygunited, ygdreamers (2), reddit, blackpinkamino, kpopmap, tumblr, ygblackpinkbrasil (1), ygblackpinkbrasil (2), blackpinkbrasil, arirangtv, blackpinkamino […]


[…] Fonte: brazilkorea, kpoppt, kprofiles, blackpinkaminobrasil, biotist, miner8, syndicasian, inkphy, allkpop, yg-life, sbs, kpopbehind, ygdreamers (1), ygunited, ygdreamers (2), reddit, blackpinkamino, kpopmap, tumblr, ygblackpinkbrasil (1), ygblackpinkbrasil (2), blackpinkbrasil, arirangtv, blackpinkaminoAté a próxima! […]


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